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Exemplary as in "Of Examples," not as in "Ideal."

T2k Exemplary Campaign: Scavengers

Bob and Smythe, his newfound companion (it's fated she agrees, else there's little campaign :P), are immediately facing a problem in the desolate landscape: Parts. Bob's hybrid SUV has 3 points of Wear, meaning it's not in bad shape bit is undeniably due for some maintenance and refitting.

The armed-and-armoured "technical" truck Smythe is riding, though, has a Wear value of 6. This thing has been through some battles and looks it. While still functional it is starting to break down with identifiable regularity. It's so bad that the wear and tear makes it difficult to work on the vehicle by now--every time you fix something, you find two more things you didn't know were broken.

Luckily, they started off in a good location with a merciful GM. While it isn't literally a thirty-mile junkyard, the highway junction the two find themselves at has a traffic jam of abandoned vehicles on it for about a mile. A little research shows this is about equivalent to a city block, and while they have been picked over, shot at and often torched, the GM declares there may be sufficient parts for their needs to make things worth checking out. After all, what good are seventy fuel injectors when what you need is a sixteen inch wheel?

Base time to search a suburban block is 4 hours (GM declares it's a city block equivalent, but the haul isn't quite the same as a block of skyscrapers), but since they're searching just for vehicle parts (which count as Medium Mechanical Parts) the GM decides this counts as a targeted search which cuts the time in half to 2 hours. Also as a targeted search the roll becomes a Mechanics (AWA) roll. Instead of working separately, the two decide to work as a team. As Smythe is the better mechanic, she's the leader. Bob's Mechanics skill is one level lower, meaning his help gives her a +2. Besides, Bob's Awareness is terrible--maybe he's got ADD. Smythe's player asks if they're in a safe enough area to take their time, and the GM says that neither of them have seen any pursuers... yet. So they decide to take 5x as long, giving another +3. For each Margin of Success, GM decides they get 1 unit of Medium Mechanical Parts. The two players warily eye each other and roll.

Smythe has an AWA of 7 and Competent rating in Mechanics. She rolls 2d20L, against 12 (7+2 for Bob, +3 for time taken) and gets an 18 and an 8. She succeeds (the L means take the Lowest) by a Margin of success of 4.

At the end of 10 hours (4 base, 1/2 for targeted search, x5 time to get a +3 bonus) of searching they have netted 4 units of Medium Mechanical Parts (20kg total) to repair their vehicles with. The excitement never ends!

... especially not when this isn't enough to bring that 6 Wear down to 5 with!
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