Exemplary as in "Of Examples," not as in "Ideal." (aadf) wrote,
Exemplary as in "Of Examples," not as in "Ideal."

T2k Exemplary Campaign: Trespassers, continued

As the sun slips under the falling western terrain the two travelers slow down to better spot a place to rest for the night. No-one has maintained these roads for a year--who would waste the petrol on mowers or asphalt?--and so the grasses and underbrush to either side have grown tall despite the nuclear-enhanced winters.

Little do they know, the area is already claimed.

The GM is evil (that's redundant) and has set up a little ambush. The leader has a Professional rating in Tactics, and 6 COG. All attackers are Novice in Tactics, so he has no penalties. The 3 dice for Pro rating come up 1, 9, and 20. The attackers' Margin of Success is 5.

Ambushes are Opposed Actions, so at 50m (Tight range band), the GM calls for a Tactics (AWA) check from Smythe, accepting that in searching for a good locale she mostly has a mind to detecting ambushes. Total penalties are -2: -2 for Tight range band, increased to Medium due to Dim light conditions (moonlit, clear sky) but decreased by 1 due to Smythe having the Eagle Eyes advantage. Smythe has an AWA of 7, so her target number is 5. Her dice come up 5 and 15... a marginal success (0 MoS). This does not reduce the attacker's 5 MoS, but still a success so the GM deems she sees the muzzle flare as they open up.

Normally Bob would be considered Lightly Encumbered due to his tactical vest, giving him an Initiative of 12, and Smythe would be Moderately Encumbered due to her vest with plates, so base initiative of 9. Due to being ambushed, Bob and Smythe both have a base initiative of 0.

They still get to make their OODA checks to add to their base initiative. Bob's OODA is 1, and he doesn't roll any ones. Initiative 0, Bob doesn't act this Exchange of Fire.

Smythe, however, is a bit more aware. Her OODA of 5 serves her well: She rolls a pair of fives. Every die that succeeds in addition to the best adds +2 MoS, so despite neither die being able to give even a 1 Margin of Success, she has a 2 MoS. Because they're both successful rolls.

The baddies are Lightly and Moderately encumbered, and none of them make their OODA checks. That still means the Lightly Encumbered ones have an Initiative of 12, the Moderately encumbered ones have an Initiative of 9. Smythe's 2 MoS gives her an Initiative of 2, which isn't much to work with... this Exchange of Fire. D:

Suddenly up ahead, the grassy ditch on the far side of the bend sparks bright red. Smythe has just enough time to shout "Front!" before the rounds start whizzing right towards her truck. They fly past, not even grazing. Are they aiming for Bob's SUV??
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